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For months now, Little J has been talking about having a Tangled Rapunzel birthday party.



I had the girls help out with the decorations

The yarn lanterns.


You’ve probably seen these yarn balls all over blogworld, either in the form of decorative balls (I saw some egg-shaped ones for Easter) or for lamps like these. You just dip the yarn in a mixture of white glue and water, and wrap around a long balloon, making sure to wrap tightly at the top and bottom of the lantern.
Leave them to dry overnight then pop the balloon once the yarn/glue have hardened.


I thought this paper lantern tutorial was clever. I used that as a guide to make the white paper lanterns.

The girls also did an awesome job helping out with the long braid “table runner”.


Here, in Switzerland, one of the traditional breads, Zopf, is very “rapunzel-ish”


so I made some mini-Zopf as part of the birthday snack


As I did a little research to get cake ideas, I saw some pretty impressive cupcake towers.
It would’ve been fun to try making one of these.

tangled-cupcake-tower-recipe-photo-260x260-bakerella_IMG_1977image via Disney

Little J however requested “tartelettes aux fraises” (strawberry tarts) so that’s what we had.
I guess if Rapunzel’s favourite dish is hazelnut soup, her favourite dessert might well be strawberry tart, no?..seems plausible to me.



The tutorial for making a Rapunzel costume can be found here.

Sunshine bunting

We had sunshine bunting like the one hanging in the streets of the kingdom.



I had my Silhouette machine cut out the sunshines for me.


If you’d like to do the same, here are my Silhouette Studio files:
Sunshine bunting files, .studio format (for Silhouette machine) – download HERE
Sunshine template in jpg format – download HERE
Also used this for the sunshines (heat transfer paper) on the girls’ goodie bags.


More about these goodie bags (and sewing with kids) here.
The boys received Flynn Rider satchels filled with goodies.
More about the satchels here.


Birthday bomb

Instead of a piñata this time, we had a “birthday bomb”.


With a little contact paper, fake moss, some construction paper and lots of hot glue…


I had glue the roof on, so we cut it off right before lighting it – this way the treats popped out properly




Mother Gothel game

We played a few rounds of “Mother Gothel looks all over for Rapunzel” (in the picture below “Rapunzel” is actually playing the part of Mother Gothel..maybe a little confusing..)
Set out 4 distinct areas for 4 locations from the movie – we used: the tower, the lake, the Snuggly Duckling Tavern, and the kingdom.
One child plays “Mother Gothel”, turns his back to the others.
While the music plays, the children run around.
When the music stops, they each choose to stand in one of the 4 locations.
Then Mother Gothel (still with her back turned to the group) announces:
“I am going to look for Rapunzel at the….TAVERN!”
All the children who are standing at the tavern location are out.
Do several rounds until only one child is left.
He is the winner, gets a prize and gets to be Mother Gothel for the next round.


Rapunzel’s magical hair game

We picked up this game once at the toy store – it’s made by Ravensburger.
It’s a Rapunzel “pictionary” of sorts – you use a piece of string to make a shop and the other players have to guess.



Pascal party blowers

The kids made Pascal party blowers – idea found on Disney



Inside the goodie bags

for the girls
Fimo clay Rapunzel picture holders


Also small art supplies and a pocket hairbrush



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  1. Melanie
    October 15, 2014

    Hi there!

    It’s me again. This birthday party is AMAZING. I wish I was your daughter <3.
    The goodie bags and the Rapunzel card holder are just wohhhoooo!!!
    Thank you again for being so inspiring.



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