During the school holidays, the girls painted some canvases for their room. Little C wanted to draw a chihuahua dog.
I wanted them to have fun doing it but I also wanted them to be proud of the result.


If you ask a 5 year old to draw a chihuahua, she probably won’t know where to start and get frustrated or discouraged.
The girls really like those books that teach you how to draw, with step-by-step instructions

so I did a version of that for the chihuahua dog (granted my dog looks a little bit more like Dobby the house-elf than a chihuahua, but the girls didn’t seem to mind)

She followed the instructions to draw the outline in pencil on the canvas


Then she started putting dots of colour inside her outline

When the paint was dry, she went over the main outlines and drew the eyes with a black marker


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