For the girls’ rainbow party, we made invitations using this idea I saw on Pinterest.
My Photoshop process is slightly different from the original, so I’ll explain the steps below.
I’ll explain how to use layers and masks to create this “painting the rainbow” image.

First, take photos of your child “painting the sky”.
Open up the image in Photoshop.

Adjust Levels, then Hue/Saturation until you’re perfectly happy with your B&W image.


My photography teacher (back in the days of darkrooms and chemicals) always said that in order to get the perfect B&W photo, you should make sure you have both true black and true white in your picture. And then all the shades of grey in between.
You can also play around with contrasts and brightness.

Scan your child’s painting


Open the rainbow painting in your photoshop document in a new layer.

With your photo layer at the top and the rainbow painting layer below, create a mask for the photo layer.


Select the paintbrush tool:

brush tool

Make sure that the mask is selected (those 4 corners around the mask appear when it is selected)


Start painting. As you paint with the Paint Brush tool (in black), the rainbow layer below will start to appear.
What is great about the Paint Brush tool and working with layer masks is that it is not destructive.
If you use the eraser tool to erase parts of the photo, the painting below would appear but there is no way of going back if you erase too much or change your mind.

With the Paint Brush tool, black reveals (what is in the layer below) and white conceals (what is in the layer below).
You can go back and forth between black and white as many times as you like, until you are perfectly happy with the result.
Once you start using the brush like this it will become your best friend.

At this point I like to merge the 2 layers

rainbow invite brush

You can use the Band Aid tool to smooth out the edges between the rainbow and the sky in the photo.

band aid tool photoshop

And voilà!


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