Pop-up invitations
(see more about these HERE)

owl-birthday party invitation-02

owl-birthday party invitation-01

Owl birthday cake


owl-birthday cake

owl-birthday cake-02

owl-birthday cake-03

Owl sandwiches


Thank you Coop (local Swiss supermarket) for selling these little owl cookies, perfect!


“Angry owl” game

We played our version of Angry birds.
We used one of these soft soccer balls from IKEA…

ikea plush ball

and “camouflaged” it as an owl. (It kinda looks like an owl, right? don’t be mean…)


…launched the owl using this contraption.


…and knocked over these targets.

owl-party game

owl-party game-02(yep that’s a cereal box behind the pig faces. Not classy, but it worked)


Take a sheet or a piece of fabric. Make sure it’s nice and wrinkled.
Absolutely no ironing, so that it looks just great in your pictures.
Like so.

owl tattoos

We used these cute woodland designs by ellinee and printed them on tattoo paper.

owl tattoos-02

owl tattoos-03

“Melt the ice” game

Saw this fun game here.
(How perfect would it be for an Ice Age party?)


Each child got a little block of ice with a toy in it.


Scavenger hunt and owl piñata

We had a scavenger hunt to find the lost owl (piñata).

owl-party pinata

owl-party pinata-02

owl-party pinata-03

owl-party pinata-06

Owl bag favours (for the girls)


owl-birthday party bags-01


owl-birthday party bags-04

A basic little bag with a strap and a zip closure. You can download the pieces for the owl design on the bag here.

Other ideas

These toilet paper roll ornaments could’ve made a cute decor.

tp-owl-ornamentsphoto source: www.decoideas.net

An owl gingerbread house?

owl-gingerbread-housephoto source: www.myowlbarn.com

When the guests arrived we had a couple colouring pages available

owl-coloring-page find the full-size image here

Harry Potter owls

Harry-Potter-owlsfind the full-size image here

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