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The children have been asking a lot of questions lately about which country we live in and what nationality they are, and not just “where does Grandma live?” but “where does Grandma live ON A MAP ?” so I started looking for a world map for their playroom.
I didn’t find exactly what I wanted so I drew a custom map for them.
I wanted them to be able to mark places that were significant to them.
I had the map printed professionally, then I mounted it on wood panels covered in metallic paint so magnets would stick to the map. The magnets show that Uncle Oliver lives in NYC, that Justine would like to see the Eiffel Tower on our next vacation and let’s not forget to mark the spot where Santa lives..:)


Do you want to make a map like this one?
The printable file is available in my etsy shop.

Here are photos of how I put the map together.

Protect the edges of the wood panels while you cover it with metallic paint.


I had the map printed on fairly thick paper (glossy paper 300g/m2) so I did 3-4 coats of the metallic paint.



Make sure the wood is completely covered and follow product instructions for drying time.
The paint I used had to dry for 24 hours.
Remove masking tape.


Sand edges where the paint may have seeped through.



Cover with glue and make sure to spread it evenly across.



Cut down two sides of the print before glueing it onto the wood.
You will cut down the other 2 sides later.


Once the glue has set properly and the print is secured, cut the 2 remaining sides of the print to match the edges of the wood perfectly using a paper cutter.


Cut down 2 pieces of wood to match the width of your map.
(I painted mine white so they wouldn’t be as noticeable once the map was fixed to the white wall)
Hot glue to the back of the map squares.


You will need to glue in one quick swipe across so that the hot glue does not harden before you reach the end.


Add scrap pieces of wood to each square so that the map will hang straight.


Hammer a couple of nails into the wall, making sure that the top 3 squares and bottom 3 squares are aligned properly.




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