At the end of the school year, Little J’s teacher invited the parents to come help out in the class. She originally wanted me to do some sewing with the kids, but I wasn’t sure I could handle a sewing project with 22 five/six year olds (including 17 boys).
So I set out to do some kind of craft with them.
Because there is a mix of lots of different nationalities and languages in J’s class, the teacher thought it might be fun to include that aspect too. So in the end, I decided to share an English book with the children.
I think we own every single Julia Donaldson book ever printed. Her stories are fun and easy to read, with lots of repetitions and best of all: they rhyme. Our favourite ones are: the GruffaloStick manRoom on the Broom and Tiddler.
Some of her books have now been translated into French so I got a copy of the French Gruffalo. I started by reading a little bit of the story in English. With the pictures (Axel Scheffler’s illustrations are wonderful) the children actually understood quite a lot of the story. Then we read the story in French.
At the end, because they had been very attentive and well-behaved, they each got a Gruffalo pin to take home.


Then we made Gruffalo masks. You can find this craft and other activities HERE.





Once they had coloured them and cut them out, we hot-glued a piece of wood to the back of the mask so the children could hold them up to their faces.




We had some orange-eyed Gruffalo cupcakes (admittedly not my finest work, but they had to be ready for 9 AM and if you know anything about me, having anything ready by 9 AM is some kind of miracle)


We did a little game at the end: “What is the Gruffalo gonna eat for dinner?”
Roasted fox? Scrambled snake? Owl ice cream? or his favourite food: a little brown mouse on a slice of toast?


One child (or in this case we started with the teacher) is the Gruffalo. The Gruffalo stands with his back to the group. Around the room, 4 pictures are set out (mouse, owl, fox and snake). While the music plays, the children run around the room. When the music stops, they choose one of the 4 animals and stand next to that picture. With his back to the group still, the Gruffalo then announces:
“For my dinner, I would like to eat ……..roasted fox!”
All the children who are foxes are out of the game.
And we start over, until only one child is left.
The last child not eaten by the Gruffalo wins and gets to be the gruffalo for the next round.






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