Gathers are fun. And easy to create with.
On clothing – an all-time favourite look is this top from Sugar City. Love.


Or this lovely duvet from Anthropologie’s 2009 catalog


and the coordinating lampshade

anthropology lampshade

or this gathered pillow (tutorial here)

gathered pillow justanotherhangup

The girls needed new duvet covers – their only request was that they be pink.
I cut strips of pink and strips of white. The pink strips were about twice the length of the white ones, to get nice, full gathers.
Using long stitches and the highest tension on the machine, I started gathering up.

gathered duvet cover 2

Gathers on both sides of the pink strips

gathered duvet cover 3

The finished duvet cover needed to be 100 x 120 cm in size (40 x 47 inches). I cut strips of pink and white fabric according to the measurements below (these measurements include 1 cm seam allowance – if you would like a bigger seam allowance, adjust accordingly)


Once all the pink strips are gathered on both sides, alternate pink strips and white strips, pinning right sides together every time and trying to even out the gathers. Press seams open.

gathered duvet cover 4

gathered duvet cover 5

Finish off the duvet cover by sewing together the front (with the gathers) to the back (I used a 100 x 120 cm rectangle of white cotton) and add your preferred type of closure at the bottom (snaps, buttons, etc.)

gathered duvet cover 6

I made Little C’s pillowcase differently. It has a special spot for her and a special spot for her mouse. (Little J informed me that she is glad she does not have that kind of pillowcase, because she and her teddy bear like to sleep wherever they want on their pillow! ha! )

gathered duvet cover 8

gathered duvet cover 9

gathered duvet cover 10

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